The Year of Gearing Up

31 12 2014

While I will not say that 2014 was an outstanding year personally, I will not necessarily call it a dud, either. Yes, things have been pretty much on an even keel, but that is not to say that it lacked enthusiasm. Au contraire, there were many times that made my 2014 exciting — the challenges of my job (believe me when I say #ilovemyjob, there are just moments/people/stuff that make it harder to), the travels and dining experiences (my very first out-of-the-country trip to Malaysia was pure awesome), and basically learning and trying out new things (all those condo-unit tripping were indeed fun). This year was probably a set-up for the great and significant things bound to approach my way soon. And I am geared up for those possibilities. And so I am making a vow for the new year.

gearing up










Ngayong 2015, #BYAHEpamore! Explore and experience. Countless opportunities will arise. Take on at least one. You never know, it may just be it. If it suits you, great! If it doesn’t, well, you have one fun story to tell. So really, what have you got to lose?

Ngayong 2015, #KAINpamore! Gain and soak it all in. Every thing that comes your way is a blessing or a blessing-in-disguise. Maybe not immediately, but all these will come in handy. And when that moment happens, you have an arsenal of skills and familiarities waiting to be utilized.

Ngayong 2015, #PUSHpamore! Do something that makes you happy. Fall in love with it. Fight and struggle with it. Find new ways to make it work again. And then fall further in love — and this time, with deeper passion and understanding. Nothing ever goes perfectly smooth. If it does, you do not love it intensely enough.

The first half of the decade is done and over with. If you’re on your way to harvesting the products of your efforts, congratulations for a job well done. I wish you continued success. If not, you can still do it. We will do it. Because according to Coldplay, Ed Sheeran, and OneRepublic, “It’s a sky full of stars, and thinking out loud, I swear I lived.” (Gusto niyo yung ipinilit kong pagtagpi-tagpiin ang mga song title? Hahaha! Basta, alam niyo na yun!) 😉


2015 wallpaper


The Year of Gaining Clarity

31 12 2013

They say in life, there comes a time when that dream you dream becomes that thing you do. It’s true. I am most fortunate and appreciative to have found my spot. Thank goodness for the wondrous pair of eyeglasses that 2013 handed me.


I have recognized my God-given talent and skills, which thankfully complement my interests and the job I have. Some people don’t get to do what pleases them. Others don’t even have the slightest idea of what they really want. And I get paid for doing something I actually enjoy doing (writing and watching TV). I will forever be grateful for this. (Kapusong totoo! Naks!)

I have discerned which people in my life are in it for the long haul, willing to stick it out until the very end, and which ones I’m happy to show the exits to since their first instinct is to bail at the first whiff of smoke. (Akala siguro nila may sunog. Hindi nila alam, nag-iihaw lang ako ng barbecue para pagsaluhan namin. Eh gusto palang umalis, eh di go. Ipag-eempake ko pa sila.)

I have come to the terms with the fact that I am a very good friend. (Nakakatuwa nga raw kasi akong kasama. Pero hindi ako bitter, pramis. Haha!)

Disappointments will come. And yes, they will go, too. So don’t be afraid when moments of uncertainty and skepticism arise because they are just that –- moments. Even in times of slump and desperation, all is not lost. You will snap out of it because these are just phases everybody goes through. Learn to roll and learn your role. Only after you’ve accepted what is real will you gain closure. After closure comes clarity. And after clarity comes conviction.

Things around us will continue to change, and at times we will falter, but faith will keep us grounded. Steady. Firm. In order for us to bounce back and make a higher leap the next time. Just know in your heart that something good will come out of it. And don’t let that passion to succeed go.

That is what basically 2013 inculcated in me. So here I am now, 2014. Better than ever. Ready to take things a notch higher than usual and do them with flare in more ways than one.

They say in life, there comes a time when that dream you dream becomes that thing you do. I pray it comes true for you, too.

Have a JOLLY 2014, one and all! May the clarity and conviction be with us!


The Year of Crossing Finish Lines

31 12 2012

When 2012 began, nothing was certain for me. I was out of a job, clueless of what’s next, and grasping for limited options. All I had was faith. And even that was running low. I was in a lot of doubts and was almost ready to give in to desperation. But thankfully, the year had other plans – deal-breaking, perspective-redefining, and ultimately, life-changing things – in store for me.

In February, I was interviewed for a job in GMA Network. In my exam and during my interviews, I was frequently asked: “Why do you want to become a promo writer?” My answer was always sure and simple: “For as long as I can recall, I have always been fond of television. That’s why the idea of becoming a part of the whole process most certainly makes me excited. Finally, something that is naturally me; not something that is an acquired taste, not something that I accept simply because there is no other choice; but something that snuggly fits.” I got in. It took me several jobs in seven years to get to this point. I dreamed. I believed. I survived the battle for the big break. 😉


I am far from being the most physically fit person. But this year, I took interest in running.  In addition to indoor and outdoor trainings, I participated in three 10-kilometer runs (PR: 1 hour, 9 minutes), two 16-kilometer runs (PR: 1 hour, 57minutes), and last September, finished my very first half-marathon (3 hours, 19 minutes). Sadly, running had to take a back seat after my 21-K run. I intend to get back next year, though. I will.


As a newbie, it was expected of me to partake in the presentation for the Christmas party. I was up for it since it’s been years since I last did this. And the whole thing was such a memorable experience. It was amazing to witness great minds and talented individuals (singers, dancers, musicians, artists, and practically everyone in the department) working hand-in-hand for a routine polished to perfection. It was a performance I am proud to be part of. Definitely an item ticked off my bucket list.


2012 taught me that no matter how distant and inconceivable your target might seem, after all those moments of doubts and desperation have passed, your heart’s relentless faith and passion will egg you on and everything will just come together. All you need to do is keep moving forward because every stride you make, be it small or significant, brings you closer to your goals. Other people will always have something to say, both encouraging and disapproving. Leave them be. They won’t matter in the end, anyway. Just keep your focus and look out for what gives you happiness. Only then will you realize that it isn’t necessarily greener on the other side all the time – especially if you’ve just crossed the finish line. You will simply be filled with contentment, love, and joy. “’Cause happy is what happens when all your dreams come true.”

That doesn’t mean the hard work stops, though. It actually signifies that you are ready to take on bigger things you can ever imagine.

Last year, maaga kong inangkin ang 2012. Hindi ako nabigo. Yun nga siguro ang susi. Kaya ang banat ko ngayon: MAS MATAYOG ANG LILIPARIN NGAYONG 2013!

Have a JOLLY 2013, everyone! 😀

The Year of Flying on Faith

31 12 2011

Somehow I feel sad that 2011 is over. How can I not? This year was awesome and exciting for me. So seeing its inevitable end is a bit hard to grasp and take in. But truly, when you come right down to it, I can’t help but be very glad and appreciative. 2011 was such a wonder, which I will only look back with so much delight and gratitude.

Leaving your comfort zone is never easy. Taking risks is scary. It takes a lot of strength of character to actually go through with it. And even after you’ve done it, the temptation to doubt and backpedal is strong and pervasive. Trust me on that. To be completely honest, I still am scared of the uncertainty, of the pressure not to fail, of the thought that I would not be able to stand by the choice I made. But I am optimistic. I am open. I am a believer. Because 2011 reinforced my faith in faith.

Wishes do come true – even for the impatient, even for the lonely, even for the abandoned. Just when you’re ready to give up, something comes along that pulls you right out of the fear and skepticism you are wallowing in. Some things do take time, but they will come your way when you’re ready to receive them. I know, that probably will not make sense right away, and that’s fine. Because what rulebook says that you must understand everything all at once? Trying to do so is just setting yourself up for disappointment.

This year, I took a shot at flying and being free. While admittedly I am still in limbo, from my view up here, all I see in the horizon are possibilities without restrictions and opportunities for redemption. That is one breathtaking sight, if you ask me. I see my situation now as a chance to grow, be inspired again, and work even harder and happier. With all those at stake, this is a game you lose by choosing not to play. That, I believe, is a misstep no one should ever have to make. And for as long as I have people who are rooting for me, just waiting until I find my spot, I consider myself safe and blessed. Despite the free fall, I know I will land on my feet. 😉

Thank you very, very much, 2011. Next year is going to be tremendous. I just know it. Soar. Conquer. Thrive. Lezzdothis, lezzgo!

Have a JOLLY 2012, everyone! 😀

My 2011!

BORACAY – The Fierce Wife – MacBook Pro – PinoyExchange’s Oscar promo – ADELE – Rexy Jolly vs. Maynilad – BonChon-MoA – NEXT TO NORMAL – Goodbye, Friendster – PSBank – Bosses from Australia – Modern Family domination at the Emmy Awards – #chismoso sa shuttle – Sheldon and Amy of The Big Bang Theory– Christmas card from Mica – SEANanigans – Dengue scare – Mega Shoes and Bag Sale – SUGOD BAHAY GANG – Goodbye, Michael Scott – DLSU Lady Spikers are champions – Passport renewal – FIGARO – Ricky Gervais at the 2011 Golden Globes – Sasa and Gege’s  Won’t Last A Day Without You  – BlackBerry – Sugarfree bids farewell – Chuicy at TriNoma – Bossing – FITNESS FIRST – Rexy Jolly vs. Max’s Chicken-All-You-Can – BPI – Goodbye, WolfPac – Mish, Jollo, and IanJay from PEx – Animo Squad – New Balance – Jeff and Annie of Community – Greenbelt 5, The Fort Strip, Mercato Centrale, and Music 21 all in one night – #jutanderalert – Bar ops for Tanya and Stef – ChicBoy’s lechon sisig –  RUN FOR THE PASIG RIVER 2011 – Aling Josie and Lola Sabel on Facebook – Goodbye, Walker family – Pinoy Henyo – The unforgettable RESIGNATION LETTER – Tender Bob’s Potato Skins – iPod Touch – Someone Like You – Work-from-home – Nick and Jess of New Girl – Job interviews – Mwah, mwah! Tsup, tsup!

The Year of Transition

31 12 2010

If I had to pick my favorite purchase for 2010, I’d easily choose my ergonomic office chair that I bought to replace my computer chair of nine years. My life at home typically involves spending a great deal of time sitting right in front my laptop, so finding a seat that’s comfortable is an utmost priority. I do think this one’s really a good buy. It’s spacious and stable, its height is adjustable, and it has sufficient  lumbar and arm support. Just perfect.

There are many types of ergonomic chairs available for use. No one type is necessarily the best. Not everything works for everyone. But there are some things that are very important to look for. These will allow the individual user to make the seat work well for one’s particular needs. I guess you can say the same about life. Same rules apply. Nothing goes perfectly smooth. You may wrap your mind around and direct all your might at something, it still wouldn’t go as you had imagined and hoped. Executing your plans could be quite a struggle. It doesn’t matter whether it’s significant or trivial, various factors almost always take their toll. You just have exert your best effort and never lose sight of your vision, no matter how dim the pathway gets.

When 2010 came in, I was hugely optimistic. I had such great hopes. After all, it was the beginning of a new decade. Add to that, the previous year was a bit of a dud for me, so there was no other option but to get better. I set limited but very specific goals: I vowed to open my personal savings account, finish my master’s degree, and lose weight. I did not achieve all of them, no, but I wouldn’t automatically say that 2010 was a failure. I was able to open my personal savings account. It doesn’t have a lot in it right now, but hey, it’s a start and it’s mine. Maybe one day, it would be loaded enough to be accepted at a Swiss bank. Who knows? I haven’t finished my MA yet, but it’s a work in progress. I may be taking my sweet time, but writing it has become a sphere of discoveries for me. New things continue to pique my attention, which is a whole lot better than being aimless and stagnant. Fine, I didn’t lose weight. In fact, I even gained more pounds. But what the heck, bingeing is such a victimless crime. I just need to watch what I eat so as not to get any kind of health disorder again. LOL! But seriously, I don’t think 2010 was a waste or a disappointment in any way. It did have a lot of wonderful moments that I will muse back with a smile. Most of them were unexpected, but they were most certainly fun, cool detours.

2010 sent me to several winding turns. It was, for me, a transition period–testing the waters to know which plans could work and which ones would need fine-tuning. Still, here’s one thing I learned in the past year: never be afraid to go off tangent. You never know what these good distractions could bring. They widen your playing field and open you up to an infinite number of interesting opportunities you never even considered because you never even bothered to know what they are. There’s nothing wrong with being focused. And I’m not saying setting goals is ultimately futile. These are still essential for you to know what you are working on and why you are doing it. You need to have a framework and foundation. How you develop your strategy is what you can adjust, fiddle with, and make improvements. This is where being amenable gives you an upper hand.

2011 has arrived. And I am still optimistic. I know this year will be a lot more dynamic. For me, it will be the year of making things actually happen and working toward long-term plan(s). Less dilly-dallying, I hope, but I’m sure there will be more eventful things to anticipate. So buckle up! More roadtrips await us!

Have a JOLLY 2011, everyone! 😀