The Joy Of Seeing Joy

25 12 2011

Smile. Even just for the day, smile.

I understand this might be a tall task for many people given the adversities we are faced with on a daily basis. Personally, it breaks my heart whenever I see images of the appalling devastation that recently occurred in the southern part of the country. Losing lives in more ways than one isn’t just downright sad. It is unbearable. And in the wake of this immense tragedy, it is so common for people to tell that “everything happens for a reason” and that “life must go on” just to provide some sort of comfort and relief, all the while knowing that it will never be enough and that nothing is guaranteed. However, on this day, I’d like to be an optimist who acknowledges that when you reach rock bottom, there is no other way but up. I’d like to pick positivity over reality for a change, at least for today.

Filipinos are resilient. That is not being conceited. That is just truth, plain and simple. And I’d like to think, that still holds true. For now, let us play pretend and believe in miracles and magic. Let us allow ourselves to cross our fingers and pray for the best. Let us wish for a little more courage for us to recover faster and survive worse. No matter how difficult it might seem, try to find a source of faith and wonder because seeing joy is contagious, that’s the beauty of it. I don’t know. It might help us out. Maybe. Hopefully.

Smile. Share a piece of happiness. See a flicker of hope.

Have a meaningful Christmas, everyone. 🙂


The Christmas Rush

24 12 2010

“How can anybody say NO? It’s Christmas.” –Richard Fish, Ally McBeal

Whenever the holidays are approaching, you hear terms “Christmas” and “rush” thrown away together a lot. I guess in a word, it’s called CHAOS. Perhaps maybe a beautiful mess for optimists, but pretty much chaotic just the same. Everybody is just everywhere, everytime. It pushes your patience to the brink, it drains out all the energy in you, and it puts a crimp in your plans since you are at odds with things you have no control over.

However, in the face of all these unwanted annoyances hounding us during the holidays, people are still in such a cheerful mood. That’s probably a good way of putting the concept of Christmas rush into perspective. And despite some worldly asses who seem to have forgotten the true meaning of the season by promising Santa Claus they’re going to be good for the rest of their sorry lives if their wish came true, these holidays aren’t just about people flocking the malls and flea markets and whining and cramming to muster (and spend) every penny they could find. I’m thinking, it’s also a dash of emotions — I suspect mostly good — people feel during the holidays. It’s like an endorphins haven that offers a tad happier place for everyone to at least feel a little less lonely and a bit more loved. Of course it doesn’t work that way for all. “Holiday blues” are just as popular this time of the year, but still. I know it is all sorts of cliché, but the atmosphere’s simply and totally different when it’s Christmas. The jollity is just so apparent, even the most stoic person could not deny.

Look, I am not trying to shove the joyous spirit down everybody’s throats. Each one has his/her own reason to experience Christmas the way s/he opts to. I’m just all about trying to see things in a different light instead of being down in the dumps. So go ahead, let’s celebrate. Cut me a slice of the yuletide pie. 😉

Let’s all have a merry and meaningful Christmas! 🙂

The First Taste of Christmas 2010

2 08 2010

Four more months before December, and yet tonight, I had my first taste of Christmas. As the bus I was riding on my way home passed by Paseo De Roxas Street in Makati, I spotted this cluster of lanterns snugly hanging on a light post.

Despite the cold, rainy weather, the said Christmas ornament was beaming with warmth and delight. And in the face of the blinding brightness emitted by the street lights surrounding it, its blend of charming rhythmic colors was gleaming.

Something tells me the holidays will actually be festive this year. 😉