The Year of Gearing Up

31 12 2014

While I will not say that 2014 was an outstanding year personally, I will not necessarily call it a dud, either. Yes, things have been pretty much on an even keel, but that is not to say that it lacked enthusiasm. Au contraire, there were many times that made my 2014 exciting — the challenges of my job (believe me when I say #ilovemyjob, there are just moments/people/stuff that make it harder to), the travels and dining experiences (my very first out-of-the-country trip to Malaysia was pure awesome), and basically learning and trying out new things (all those condo-unit tripping were indeed fun). This year was probably a set-up for the great and significant things bound to approach my way soon. And I am geared up for those possibilities. And so I am making a vow for the new year.

gearing up










Ngayong 2015, #BYAHEpamore! Explore and experience. Countless opportunities will arise. Take on at least one. You never know, it may just be it. If it suits you, great! If it doesn’t, well, you have one fun story to tell. So really, what have you got to lose?

Ngayong 2015, #KAINpamore! Gain and soak it all in. Every thing that comes your way is a blessing or a blessing-in-disguise. Maybe not immediately, but all these will come in handy. And when that moment happens, you have an arsenal of skills and familiarities waiting to be utilized.

Ngayong 2015, #PUSHpamore! Do something that makes you happy. Fall in love with it. Fight and struggle with it. Find new ways to make it work again. And then fall further in love — and this time, with deeper passion and understanding. Nothing ever goes perfectly smooth. If it does, you do not love it intensely enough.

The first half of the decade is done and over with. If you’re on your way to harvesting the products of your efforts, congratulations for a job well done. I wish you continued success. If not, you can still do it. We will do it. Because according to Coldplay, Ed Sheeran, and OneRepublic, “It’s a sky full of stars, and thinking out loud, I swear I lived.” (Gusto niyo yung ipinilit kong pagtagpi-tagpiin ang mga song title? Hahaha! Basta, alam niyo na yun!) 😉


2015 wallpaper




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