The Shining, the Shimmering, and the Splendid

22 04 2011

THIS is what happens when technolust takes over.

And today, they’re one-week old. 🙂

Charlie (Why? Because it is the name of the person who gave me discount on these purchases.)

Markie (Why? Because I went to Market! Market! to claim these babies.)

Suri (Why? Because the moolah I spent was insurance money. For the record: No, I did not win the lottery.)

Yes, I swallowed my pride and ate my words. I bought Apple products. And I’ve been catching so much flak for doing it. But so far, I like what I have. Charlie’s really awesome and convenient: long (over six hours) battery life, light (my old Dell laptop is much heavier) yet sturdy, and such an eye candy (really purrrty interface and has vivid colors, which is perfect for my viewing pleasure). Oh, and did I mention about the Magic Mouse? (But I call mine FUNKY Mouse. “Magic” is, uhmm, lame, and doesn’t quite encompass the wonders of this piece of happiness.) I must admit, it’s a luxury, but it’s just so adorable and cool to use. Markie’s the least-tinkered among the three, mainly because I had a hard time grasping iTunes. Haha! However, the iPod Touch was the beneficiary of my very first apps purchase: Text Twist! I know, I know. I’m such a geek, and I’m not contesting. LOL. Now it’s no longer empty. Almost everything in my mp3 collection is in, and Markie contains a few movies, as well. And finally, Suri. For obvious reasons, it’s the most used among the fantabulous trio. Facebook? Twitter? YM? It’s all covered. And BBM is simply divine. I don’t care if it sounds smug, but it’s the exclusivity that you pay for. I have yet to sync my e-mail, but I will get to it soon. And typing on the keypads is nifty and neat. I love hearing the clicking sound it makes. Hehehe!

I still have a lot of things to discover and explore — and I mean a LOT. I hope in a month’s time, I’ll be able to maximize most, if not all, of the features of these thingamajigs. My good friend tells me: “syempre lalo na sa mac malilito ka at first pero after nun ma-realize mo bakit ngayon ka lang nag-mac after all these years. remember that statement dahil sasabihin mo talaga sakin yan after two weeks.” I think I’m getting there. 😉




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