The Bliss of Solitary Solace

29 01 2011

I want to go on a trip. I need to go on a trip. Fine. It’s definitely more of a want rather than a need, I’m guilty. What’s more is I want to do it on my own–again.

Let me be clear about one thing, though: I am not depressed, not really. At least not that much. I just want to get over a personal slump as far as travels are concerned. The cumulative disappointments of supposed vacations never materializing are taking their toll. I’m kinda tired of hearing conflicts in schedules, budget constraints, vague responses, or any other excuse that hampers my plans and dampens my nomadic spirit. The idea of flying solo makes all those hassles irrelevant and gone. It brings me the thrill of planning for and anticipating a getaway back. I know if this pushes through, it will give me much joy. It is going to be unforgettable. I will make sure of that. I like how a friend of mine puts it: “Malay mo, flight of a lifetime yan.”

Now it begs the question: Do I book a flight for one? 😉

UPDATE as of January 30, 4:58pm

Yes. 🙂




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1 05 2011
The Boracay Bliss « seriously JOLLY

[…] helps me de-clutter my mind and shoo all the stresses away. In addition to that, like what I said before, going solo dismisses all conflicts and considerations you need to be mindful of when traveling […]

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